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We have bought and sold four homes in Palm Springs over the past decade. This was our first experience with Dan and Debi. We met Dan at an open house on our block and kept seeing their signs popping up around our neighborhood. They didn’t seem to stay up for long; this was a good sign. I strongly believe in finding someone who knows the neighborhood well so when we were ready to sell our home they were one of three agents we contacted. They were professional, realistic in pricing and had a very good understanding of neighborhood trends. The decision to go with them was easy. We still had to do some things to get our home ready for the market. Dan and Debi provided great tips and resources for vendors. They were also happy to show us other listings. They were able to quickly pull comp information together and knew most of the listing agents (which was helpful when we needed some quick answers). Dan and Debi held three opens (including a realtor open) in six days and by the first weekend we had two offers. We took the offer that was over asking price. That is always a good feeling. While looking for our next home, they had shown us a home we thought would work so we went back for a realtor open. They let the listing agent know we were coming so she greeted us by name and then let us wander. We then went back with Dan and Debi (again) to discuss our remodeling ideas and they gave great input regarding which options would give the best payback when we eventually go to sell. We decided it was the right move for us. They again provided comp information and neighborhood knowledge which helped us decide on our offer price. After a bit of negotiation, we reached a very satisfactory deal on the new home. Through all of the drama of inspections, paperwork, land leases, escrow, etc., Dan and Debi were prompt with information, guided us through the process and helped move things along. They have been in business in Palm Springs for a long time and have a great network that extends to the local escrow companies and Bureau of Indian Affairs. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. They were insightful, knowledgeable, quick to respond, positive and got the deal done. They made a potentially stressful situation smooth and easy. We will definitely use Dan and Debi again.