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I recently decided to sell my home in Palm Springs and while I have purchased homes before, this is the first time to sell one of them so while I was familiar with the purchase side, the sale-side was a totally new experience for me. I contacted Joan Josten and Dan Vallention of Valentino & Valentino to handle the sale given the excellent references colleagues of mine provided me about Joan and Dan and it truly proved to be an excellent choice. While my home was in Palm Springs, I was living in Washington, D.C. during the sale and therefore 3,000 miles away. Their network was so excellent in Palm Springs my home sold in 24 hours after being listed on the MLS. Joan and Dan handled everything for me related to inspections and all the other details that are required when purchasing/selling property. They provided me with regular updates on all that was happening at that stage of the sale and what would need to happen next. Although I was on the other side of the country and 3 time zones away, I never once during the entire process. Because of their professionalism and care, it was an entirely stress-free process. I was so impressed with Joan and Dan that I’ve decided to purchase another home in Palm Springs and would only consider using them to handle the transaction.