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Throughout the year I noticed from their signs that Valentino had been selling properties either 1) very quickly or 2) selling properties that other realtors weren’t able to. In either case it indicated to me that they were the right choice when it came to listing our home. We have sold 4 homes throughout the country in the past 8 years and not one selling agent we’ve used has come close to providing the service, attention, professionalism and market insight that these 2 (Dan and Debi) demonstrated in selling our home. From solicitations we received from other realtors I can’t reiterate this point enough…Dan and Debi know this market better than anyone we talked to…and ultimately that is a crucial factor in deciding who anyone would want to have selling their home. Not only did they exceed our expectations in all areas of the transaction…but they are good people as well. And it feels good to do business with people you trust and who’s character you respect.